Aurora Material Solutions’ PC (polycarbonate) compounds are amorphous, thermoplastics that possess outstanding impact strength, excellent colorability, and superior heat resistance with good electrical and thermal properties, low- temperature toughness, and superior dimensional stability.

PP + Glass

Lightweight Feel. High Strength Performance.

Aurora Material Solutions is a dynamic and innovative company that produces the highest quality plastic compounds in both powder and pellet form. Our compounds perform consistently and reliably in a variety of applications. Our experts will work with you to create the right formulation, considering all factors that meet your specific application needs.

A Cost-Effective Way to Add Strength Without Weight 

PP (polypropylene) is a crystalline polymer with a specific gravity of only 0.9 – meaning it is so lightweight it will float. When glass fibers are added to PP, it remains lightweight but becomes stronger, more durable and chemical-resistant. These properties make AuroraGuard PP + Glass ideal for reducing a product’s weight while enhancing durability and performance. This can make products lighter – saving on transportation costs and maximizing fuel efficiency. These characteristics make it a smart choice across a variety of applications, including automotive parts and lawn and garden equipment.

A Smarter Solution 

AuroraGuard PP is reinforced with up to 40% glass fiber. As with all crystalline polymers, the material’s tensile and flex modulus increase significantly with the addition of fiberglass. Using a twin-screw extruder with downstream feed, we can achieve an incredible level of control over the integrity of the glass – enhancing tensile strength. 

All of this strength comes without the drawbacks inherit with other reinforcements. AuroraGuard PP + Glass delivers a lower cost per pound compared to nylon and PBT. The Simpoly LGF is very critical when customers are looking to replace nylon.

Fast Molding & Production

Unlike other reinforcements – such as nylon – PP + Glass does not have to dried before molding. This allows it to cycle quicker than most polymers, helping companies increase output, saving time and money. With a heat deflection temperature up to 392ºF (200°C), our polymers deliver faster molding with minimal shrinkage during forming. 

We can work with you to develop custom sustainable materials that reduce manufacturing energy, produce less waste, and aid in water conservation.

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